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Monacor HT-88

PA horn tweeter, 100 WMAX, 50 WRMS, 8 ΩVery linear and wide bandwidth radiationHigh efficiencyFerrofluid-cooled and ferrofluid-vaporised Impedance (Z):...

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Monacor SP-165PA

PA and Power Speakers High peak rating and striking design. Suitable for DJ and power speaker system applications. PA and power midrange speaker, 100WMAX, 50WRMS,...

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Monacor SP-4/60PRO

PA midrange speaker, 30 W, 8 Ω 10 cm (4") PA midrange speaker Midrange speaker from the L-RAY/1000 Very linear and wide frequency range Excellent sound and dynamic...

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Monacor SP-200PA

PA and Power Speakers High peak rating and striking design. Suitable for DJ and power speaker system applications. PA and power bass-midrange speaker, 200WMAX, 100WRMS,...

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Monacor MHD-230/RD

Horn TweetersHigh-quality workmanship, with robust plastic horns, mainly made of ABS, in some cases glass fibre reinforced.PA horn tweeter, 80 WMAX, 40 WRMS, 8 ΩRound horn of...

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Monacor SP-6/100PA

PA midrange speaker, 200WMAX, 100WRMS, 8? Very linear frequency response High efficiency Perfect midrange speaker for powerful 3-way arrangements in the...

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Monacor MHD-220N/RD

PA horn tweeter, 75 WMAX, 30 WRMS, 8 ΩVery compact and lightweight horn tweeterNEODYMIUM drive system with ferrofluid coolingTitanium coneRound ABS plastic horn front attachment...

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Monacor SP-6/150PA

PA midrange speaker, 300WMAX, 150WRMS, 8? For PA midrange applications of high power rating with simultaneous use of mid-high range horns Very well-suited for dual...

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Monacor SP-8/150PRO

Professional PA bass speaker from IMG Stage Line. This exceptional speaker from the L-RAY bass module combines a high power capability, a good efficiency and an amazing...

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Monacor SP-8/150PA

PA bass-midrange speaker, 300 WMAX, 150 WRMS, 8 ΩGood medium efficiencyWide bandwidth radiation for midrange applications Impedance (Z): 8 Ω...

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Monacor MHD-152

PA mid-high range horn speaker, 150 WMAX, 75 WRMS, 8 ΩLinearised frequency responseExcellent dynamic characteristics for a wide range of PA applicationsRobust diecast aluminium...

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Monacor SP-10/250PRO

SP-8/150PRO and SP-10/250PRO are PA speakers of long excursion and high power capability, with diecast aluminium basket, rear-ventilated centering spider and ventilated drive...

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Monacor RBT-1000

Ribbon tweeter for PA and hi-fi, 80 WMAX, 40 WRMS, 6 ΩMagnetostatic speaker with waveguideTweeter system from the L-RAY/1000Fine and brilliant...

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Monacor MHD-540

Professional PA ring radiator, 100 WMAX, 50 WRMS, 8 ΩExtra high efficiencyExcellent frequency linearityTitanium cone with aluminium flat wire voice coilDouble magnet for a...

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Monacor HT-30

Miniature PA horn tweeter, 100 WMAX, 50 WRMS, 8 ΩLinear and wide bandwidth reproductionHigh power capability due to ferrofluid Impedance (Z):...

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Monacor HT-958PA

Ring radiator tweeter, 60 WMAX, 30 WRMS, 8 ΩFor PA and hi-fiHigh efficiencyVery wide bandwidth radiation with an excellent linearity Impedance (Z):...

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Monacor MRD-120

PA horn driver, 50 W, 8 Ω Standard 35 mm-(1⅜") thread Good, extensive frequency response linearity High sound pressure level with low distortions Excellent allround...

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Monacor SP-46A/500BS

Special Speakers of the Blue Component Series from IMG Stage LineSubwoofer with extra low limit frequency, but at the same time of optimum high efficiency, mechanically...

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Monacor SP-38A/500BS

Subwoofer with extra low limit frequency, but at the same time of optimum high efficiency, mechanically ultra-stable due to double centering spiders.Professional PA subwoofer,...

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Monacor SP-15/300PA

High-Quality PA SpeakersFor general stage and professional DJ applications. Excellent workmanship and perfect specifications for bass-reflex speaker systems of high power...

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